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UPDATE: CLEAT member’s granddaughter improves but still needs help

Max Cantu with his grandchildren that were involved in a car wreck.

Max Cantu with his grandchildren that were involved in a car wreck.

A couple of weeks back, we told you about the difficulties faced by CLEAT member Max Cantu of Hidalgo County.

His daughter and her children were involved in a car wreck in Houston.  Two-year-old Maddie has been at Texas Children’s for four weeks and will go home this next week.  She has made great improvements but will need continued outpatient therapy.

Each weekend Max drove up from McAllen to assist his daughter with Maddie.  Board members Mark Guerra and James Hodge along with the Sheriff’s Employees Organization of Harris Co and Houston Community College donated to help cover the families expenses.  Read More »

Posted by March 8, 2016

CLEAT joins Brownsville POA at the Charro Days festival

When CLEAT staff are not negotiating contracts, working on civil service campaigns, fundraising and fighting for our members, they are also honored in assisting our associations during their special events.

Over the past weekend, CLEAT Rep Steve Ayala was with the Brownsville Police Officers Association providing warm meals for all Brownsville Ploce Officers working the Charro Days Festival.

Pictured above are CLEAT Field Rep Steve Ayala with BPOA members Felipe Cepeda, Jaime Ortega and Horacio Gonzalez. Read More »

Posted by February 29, 2016

CLEAT joins Midland Municipal POA for fundraiser for officer’s wife

CLEAT Field Services Representative Tracy Chance recently assisted the Midland Municipal Police Officers Association with a fundraiser.

The event was held for the wide of Midland Police Officer Nathan Lann as she battles breast cancer. MMPOA and CLEAT cooked and served 350 people and raised $5,000. In the photo above are Chance, Officer Lann and MMPOA President Loren Frost. Read More »

Posted by February 29, 2016

CLEAT welcomes new members in Fort Worth and Bexar County


CLEAT Vice President Dean Gilliam, CLEAT Regional Director Lloyd Cook and CLEAT Attorney Craig Driskell visit with over 30 cadets of the Fort Worth Police Department.


CLEAT Assistant General Counsel Robert Leonard speaks to a cadet class with the Bexar County Sheriffs Office.

CLEAT is pleased to announce the addition of new members with the Fort Worth Police Department and the Bexar County Sheriffs Office cadet classes.

The officers will be legally covered on the job and can have access to in class and online training, free wills and more.

Posted by February 25, 2016

A message from the CLEAT Executive Board: A Call for Common Sense


AUSTIN — The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas was born out of adversity and has stood alone and fought for officers without any trepidation. CLEAT was the first to employ front-line lawyers to take on the city and county bosses for employment fairness and justice. We were the first statewide police union to take our fight to the state Capitol over issues like working conditions and officer privacy.

We even led a protest against the Texas Municipal Retirement System over unfair practices.

CLEAT again made history when we led a national boycott against Time Warner’s “Cop Killer” in 1992. Our leaders believed that the song combined with the social climate created an environment that would cost lives. So, we stood up and pushed back hard. Two months ago we were one of the first to join the nationwide boycott of Quentin Tarantino’s movie, “The Hateful Eight.”

By all reports, that boycott was relatively successful due to both the timing of the release and the fierce objection to the producer’s public assertion at a New York Black Lives Matter protest that he believed cops were murderers. CLEAT was proud to stand with the NYPBA and our national affiliate NAPO. Read More »

Posted by February 22, 2016

CLEAT member’s 2-year-old granddaughter badly hurt in auto wreck

SEOHC President Ben Leal, Nicole Cantu holding Madeline and Max Cantu.

SEOHC President Ben Leal, Nicole Cantu holding Madeline, and Max Cantu.

CLEAT member Max Cantu of Hidalgo County got some bad news last week when his daughter’s car was rear-ended in Houston by driver who was texting behind the wheel.

Cantu’s young granddaughter, 2-year-old Madeline, suffered a serious brain injury as a result of the crash and will have to remain at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston for at least a month with a year of therapy likely to follow. His 3-month-old grandson was not seriously hurt and is back home in McAllen.

The girl’s parents are facing a huge financial burden. Thankfully, La Quinta — a CLEAT preferred provider — comped the family for hotel accommodations in the immediate aftermath of the crash and has offered a reduced rate going forward. Read More »

Posted by February 22, 2016

CLEAT makes inroads with Austin school district officers

Austin ISD Board members Pablo Reynaga, Tony Calderon, Jimmy Gary  CLEAT Region 2 Director Mark Guerra and Del Rio CLEAT member Sgt Robert Zaragoza

Clockwise from left: Mark Guerra of Del Rio, Robert Zaragoza of Del Rio,  Jimmy Gary of AISD, Janet Cole of CLEAT, Tony Calderon and Pablo Reynaga, both of AISD.

CLEAT Region 2 Director Mark Guerra and Police Officer Tony Calderon of the Austin Independent School District grew up together in Del Rio and have been friends for 30 years.

Calderon has been a CLEAT member since 1999 and discussed starting an association with Guerra.  CLEAT Field Services Administrative Coordinator Janet Cole and Guerra met with AISD Officers Pablo Reynaga, Calderon and  Jimmy Gary two weeks ago and developed a plan to move forward with an association.

Later, Cole met with all of the AISD officers at an in-service event and 30 percent of the officers have joined CLEAT in the last two weeks.

Posted by February 22, 2016

Brownsville POA holds 2nd annual Scholarship BBQ Cookoff

CLEAT joins Brownsville POA for scholarship BBQ.

CLEAT joins Brownsville POA for scholarship BBQ.

CLEAT President Todd Harrison, Vice President Juan C. Contreras and Field Rep Steve Ayala recently attended the Brownsville Police Officers Association second annual Scholarship Barbecue Cookoff.

The event featured more than $10,000 in cash prizes and raised several thousand for the BPOA scholarship fun. Ayala reports that the  event was a success and doubled in size from last year.

“Kudos to all the BPOA board and committee members who made this event a success,” Ayala said.

Posted by February 22, 2016

‘Beyond Off Duty Survival’ draws 400-plus officers and spouses

Dave Smith leading "Beyond Off Duty Survival" class.

Dave Smith leading “Beyond Off Duty Survival” class.

By Chris Jones
CLEAT Training Coordinator
CLEAT brought Dave and Betsy Smith to Austin to teach their acclaimed “Beyond Off Duty Survival” class at Austin Cornerstone Church on Feb. 16. More than 400 officers, spouses and significant others attended this event making it one of the largest training events sponsored by CLEAT.

Dave “Buck Savage” Smith and his wife Betsy are nationally recognized law enforcement trainers.  CLEAT continued the tradition of bringing free training to officers designed to enhance their professional and personal lives, keep them alive, and further their careers.

In the Beyond Off Duty Survival class, Dave and Betsy focus on all off duty threats and how to respond safely and tactically.  They stress the importance of not letting your guard down, simply because you are off duty.  Read More »

Posted by February 17, 2016

CLEAT wins reduced suspension for exemplary Mesquite officer

Officer Prudencio Solis  and Craig Driskill

Officer Prudencio Solis and Craig Driskell

Mesquite Police Officer Prudencio Solis had a spotless record and was always among the department’s top arresting officers until he had a minor slip-up recently involving the Dallas County DA’s office.

The police chief then hammered him with a five-day suspension. Officer Solis then teamed up with CLEAT Staff Attorney Craig Driskell and tried every way the could to cut the suspension to a more reasonable three days. Read More »

Posted by February 17, 2016