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CLEAT affiliate is now the meet-and-confer agent in Georgetown


The Georgetown City Council has confirmed that the Police Benevolent Association of Georgetown, a CLEAT affiliate, is the meet-and-confer agent for local police officers.

CLEAT is looking forward to working with the organization as negotiations get under way to bring improved pay and benefits for all Georgetown officers.

In the photo above, from left are, Charley Wilkison, Delta Jolly, Wyatt Raley and Dwight Tiller. CLEAT’s Janet Cole took the photo.


Posted by May 3, 2016

CLEAT not backing off its opposition to Governor’s anti-pension appointee

todd harrison

President Todd Harrison

Five months after the Governor’s office named one of Texas’ chief advocates for dismantling public pension systems to lead the state Pension Review Board, CLEAT and it’s more than 80 affiliates are doubling down on their opposition.

“We are fearlessly fighting for law enforcement retirements. They can’t buy us with government grants and we aren’t politically conflicted,” said CLEAT President Todd Harrison, an Austin police sergeant. “Law enforcement officers all across Texas have worked too hard and have come too far to risk having their hard-earned pensions stripped away by a paid lobbyist with an ax to grind.”

“If the governor had shown law enforcement the courtesy of consulting us before going ahead with the appointment of Josh McGee, we would have told what a truly bad idea it was,” Harrison added. Read More »

Posted by May 2, 2016

CLEAT seeking full-time field representative for South Texas

cleat bannerThe ideal candidate will be a current or recently licensed peace officer with a minimum of five years actual law enforcement work experience.

Knowledge of collective bargaining or meet-and-confer agreements is preferred, as are strong oral/public speaking skills and written communication skills. Experience in representation, contract negotiation, and/or organizing are also preferred.

Click here for the full job description and the application process.

Posted by May 2, 2016

San Angelo officers say morale is low, chief unconcerned with their well-being

SAN ANGELO – Most rank-and-file San Angelo police officers say morale within the department is low and has steadily deteriorated in recent years and that the police chief is unconcerned with input from his employees.

Tracy Chance

Tracy Chance

Those are some of the findings in a recently completed management survey conducted by CLEAT on behalf of the two labor organizations that represent San Angelo police officers. San Angelo Coalition of Police is a CLEAT affiliate and the San Angelo Police Officers Association is not aligned with CLEAT.

Tracy Chance of CLEAT’s Field Services Division spearheaded the survey project.

The survey was sent to 149 sworn officers and 123 of them, or 82.5 percent, responded.

View the full survey here

See coverage by the San Angelo Standard-Times

See coverage by San Angelo Now


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Posted by April 29, 2016

Texas Wheels of Justice donates $7,500 to POMF

The most recent Heroes Ride (Courtesy of Texas Wheels of Justice).

The most recent Heroes Ride (Courtesy of Texas Wheels of Justice).

Texas Wheels of Justice, a nonprofit that raises money for the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, has made a $7,500 donation to the Texas Peace Officers Memorial Foundation.

Members of the organization, including civilians, participate in the 300-mile Police Unity Tour bike ride that ends on the nation’s capital and coincides with National Police Week. But the group also organizes a charity event in Conroe called The Heroes’ Ride. The next one is in October and you can register here.

Part of the money raised at the most recent Heroes’ Ride was given to the POMF, which provides college scholarships for children of Texas peace officers.

“We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship that gives us the opportunity to help preserve the legacy of the men and women who who have laid down their lives in the service of others,” Wheels President Eric Gray said in the letter announcing the donation.

Posted by April 25, 2016

Early CLEAT member caught Hep C from a drunk, then disease killed his wife

Former Officer Truman Bradshaw and his wife, Ophelia.

Former Officer Truman Bradshaw and his wife, Ophelia.

When Police Officer Truman Bradshaw encountered man who had too much to drink on April 8, 1984, his inclination was to cut him a break.

Bradshaw, working in the small community of Blue Mound north of Fort Worth at the time, knew the man’s family and knew he’d been going through a rough patch.

“As an officer, I had the discretion to either take to jail or to take him home,” recalled Bradshaw, one of CLEAT’s earliest members. “His family didn’t have the money to bail him out, so I was just gonna take him home.”

But the man was too drunk to realize that his night could have ended OK for everyone involved. He decided he’d put up a fight. And when it became clear he’d lose that fight, the man sank his teeth into Bradshaw’s arm and drew blood.

Not long after that, Bradshaw got sick and saw a doctor. Turned out, the drunk who bit him had hepatitis C and infected the officer. Read More »

Posted by April 20, 2016

Bexar County Sheriff Pamerleau needs a refresher government class

Todd Harrison

Todd Harrison

The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, the statewide affiliate of the Deputy Sheriffs Associations of Bexar County, is joining with the DSABC in expressing outrage and disappointment in Sheriff Susan Pamerleau’s unfair treatment of her officers.

“It’s unfortunate that Sheriff Pamerleau has abandoned the first tenants of American Constitutionalism and has accused, tried and judged the careers of her own employees without due process,” said Austin Police Sgt. Todd Harrison, President of CLEAT.

“Therefore, CLEAT would like to offer to send her to college in San Antonio and pay for remedial government classes because it is clear that since her days at the JFK School of Government at Harvard University, she has forgotten the core values of the Constitution,” he added. Read More »

Posted by April 4, 2016

CLEAT fights parole for shooter of San Antonio officer

parole board

CLEAT’s message to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles is clear and simple when it comes to the killer who shot and wounded San Antonio Police Officer Gilbert Tovar:

Keep him locked up.

Tovar was wounded by Bryan Willis on May 19, 1992, shortly after Willis shot his roommate to death. Willis was convicted of murder for his roommate’s death and of attempted capital murder of Tovar. He received 40-year sentences in both cases.

Because he is parole-eligible, CLEAT President Todd Harrison and Executive Director Charley Wilkison sent a letter to the parole board urging the members  to reject any leniency.

“We strongly believe his is a continuing threat to society after taking a life and attempting to take the life of a peace officer,” the letter says. 

Anyone who wants to send a similar letter can find the contact info on the image at the top of this page.

Posted by April 4, 2016

Take in a ballgame and help support a worthy cause

rangers flyer

The Texas Rangers baseball team declared April 30 as Law Enforcement Appreciation Night and will set aside a portion of the gate receipts to help the Peace Officers Angels Foundation.

“Texas peace officers become injured on duty as a result of shootings, car accidents, assaults, and other incidents,” the foundation says on its website. “Serious injuries lead to critical medical problems which require extensive medical care and rehabilitation. Dealing with a severe injury can be overwhelming for the officer and his family.

“POAF will provide emotional and recommendations on available resources and benefits to injured officers and their families. POA recognizes the need to reach out to our injured Texas law enforcement and their families.” Read More »

Posted by March 29, 2016

CLEAT, Collin County Deputies Association contribute to Peace Officers Memorial Monument

PreservationBoardDonation_March172016CLEAT Executive Director, Charley Wilkison, shown right, presented a check to John Sneed, Executive Director of the State Preservation Board for the continued repairs and maintenance of the Texas Peace Officers’ Memorial Monument. CLEAT matched and doubled a donation provided by the Collin County Deputies Association for a fundraiser they recently held. CLEAT is the second, only to the state of Texas, largest contributor to the Texas Peace Officers’ Memorial Monument. A special thanks goes out to the Collin County Deputies Association for their thoughtful contribution in honoring the fallen.

Posted by March 17, 2016