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Bobby Hardin makes mealtime pitch to Tarrant County cadet class


Tarrant County Law Enforcement Association President Bobby Hardin, who’s also a CLEAT Regional Director, recently gave the first 2015 cadet class something to chew on.

Hardin made his presentation to the cadets on the benefits having having top-flight representation during chowtime.

Posted by January 22, 2015

Congressman Poe pays tribute to peace officers

Remarks in the Record

Texas Congressman Ted Poe recently paid tribute to all peace officers in the country in remarks that were made part of the Congressional Record in response to the senseless killing of two officers in New York City last month.

“Mr. Speaker, everyday men and women of the police force put on their uniform and head out into the unknown,” said Poe, who represents sections of the sprawling suburbs of Houston. “They  encounter callous criminals and outlaws who have no regard for the law or their fellow man. But yet every day, these police officers still get up and put on the uniform. They bravely face what could very well be some of the most dangerous situations and potentially their last moments on this Earth as they work to protect us: our families, our friends, our children. Read More »

Posted by January 20, 2015

CLEAT attorney Garcia helps deputy clear his record

Bobby Garcia and Albert Cardenas

Bobby Garcia and Albert Cardenas

Cameron County Sheriff’s Deputy Albert Cardenas was wrongly fired last year and slapped with a dishonorable discharge that could have forever derailed his career.

But CLEAT Staff Attorney Bobby Garcia stepped in and launched the process that would clear the deputy and set the record straight. Read More »

Posted by January 20, 2015

Executive Board says goodbye to Elizalde, welcomes new members


Region 3-A Director Pete Elizalde of San Antonio is retiring from police work, and that means he’s stepping down from the CLEAT Executive Board.

Elizalde was long active active in the San Antonio Police Officers Association. He joined the CLEAT Executive Board in Spring 2011 and in 2012 he received CLEAT’s Douglas Ward Award, named for the former president of the Brownsville Police Officers Associations and given for work done on behalf of members in the field.

The full E-Board posed for a farewell photo with Elizalde — he the one in the black leather jacket standing out front next to CLEAT President Todd Harrison.

The new Region 3-A Director is Daniel Earnest, also active with SAPOA and a member of its Political Action Committee. Also joining the Board is Norm Fisher of Amarillo, who was elected Region 5 Director last month.

Daniel Earnest, Norm Fisher

Daniel Earnest, left, and  Norm Fisher

Posted by January 14, 2015

New CCPOA Executive Board members sworn in

2015 Eboard Swear In

The Corpus Christi Police Officers Association seated its new Executive Board just after the first of the year. President Scott Leeton sent us a photo of the swearing-in ceremony.

Taking the oath from left are: Albert Leal, director; Joe Hendrix, first vice president; J.R. Rodriguez, director; Ron Zirbes, secord vice president; and Chris Lynch, director.

Conducting the ceremony is 319th District Court Judge David Stith.

Posted by January 13, 2015

CLEAT wins job back for wrongly fired detention officer

Edward Carter and Bob Thomas

Edward Carter and Bob Thomas

When Harris County Detention Officer Edward Carter was wrongly terminated, he reached out to CLEAT and CLEAT came through.

Staff Attorney Bob Thomas handled Carter’s appeal. And at a recent contested appeal hearing, the termination of Detention Officer Carter was reversed and he was promptly reinstated.

Posted by January 12, 2015

CLEAT hosts Member Appreciation Day in the Valley

valley 4CLEAT held its Member Appreciation Day with a barbecue lunch last week in Pharr and Harlingen. There was a good turnout and plenty of food.  Read More »

Posted by January 12, 2015

120-plus officers take CLEAT’s canine encounters class

From left: CLEAT Field Rep John Kerr, CELET Instructor Jim Osorio, CELET K-9 “Coral”,  Cleburne PD Training Coordinator Trey West and CLEAT Training Coordinator Chris Jones.

From left: CLEAT Field Rep John Kerr, CELET Instructor Jim Osorio, CELET K-9 “Coral”, Cleburne PD Training Coordinator Trey West and CLEAT Training Coordinator Chris Jones.


CLEBURNE — More than 120 Texas law enforcement officers have taken the the CLEAT-sponsored Canine Encounters Law Enforcement Training class. The first class was held last month and the two most recent classes were held this week,

CLEAT is the first statewide law enforcement organization to make the class available to officers.

In addition to offering the class, CLEAT is also working with animal-rights organizations that are promoting legislation to require regular training to provide a better understanding of canine behavior and learn alternative ways to subdue a potentially aggressive dog.

The legislation being developed would not prohibit officers from using deadly force against dogs to protect themselves or others.

Posted by January 7, 2015

From the Presidents Desk: For real clout, you can’t beat CLEAT

ToddBy Todd Harrison
CLEAT President

Cop to cop, CLEAT is the only statewide police association whose voice is heard in the Capitol.  The other guys do not have a real voice in Texas. They are conflicted. Nobody listens because they spend all their time spinning big yarns.

They’ve said CLEAT was broke when we are larger and more financially sound than we’ve ever been ($15 million in annual asset and operating budgets, $1 million in reserve, and none of our money comes from state or federal welfare). Another story they’ve made up was that one of our founders, Ron DeLord, is headed to federal prison. Both of these stories are flat-out lies.  Read More »

Posted by January 6, 2015

Important changes made to CLEAT Benefit Plan

Effective Jan. 1 of this year, CLEAT has a new provider for its benefit plan — and that means there are a few changes in the coverage plans and they way participants in the plans file claims.

You can check out the details clicking on the “Dental & Vision” tab on the far-right side of the home page. The drop-down menu will take you where you need to go.

And for those who still need to file claims with our former provider, you can still find all of the the necessary forms by clicking on the bottom link in the drop-down menu (see photo below).plan1

The CLEAT Benefit Plan is an ERISA Plan which provides dental and vision benefits to its participants. The plan is available to:

  • Members of participating local associations
  • Affiliated locals with the minimum of 75 percent participation
  • Employees of a political subdivision
  • Officers who were members of the plan for 12-months prior to termination of employment or retirement.

For any questions regarding the CLEAT Benefit Plan, contact

Zan Terry, Ameritas
10999 IH 10 West Suite 700 San Antonio, TX 78230
Office: 210.638.7964;  cell: 210.865.6443


Alex Perez, Spectrum Advisory Group
1939 NE Loop 410, Suite 233
San Antonio, Texas 78212
Office: 210-824-8004; Cell: 210-326-8756

Posted by January 6, 2015