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CLEAT hosts Member Appreciation Day in the Valley

valley 4CLEAT held its Member Appreciation Day with a barbecue lunch last week in Pharr and Harlingen. There was a good turnout and plenty of food.  Read More »

Posted by January 12, 2015

120-plus officers take CLEAT’s canine encounters class

From left: CLEAT Field Rep John Kerr, CELET Instructor Jim Osorio, CELET K-9 “Coral”,  Cleburne PD Training Coordinator Trey West and CLEAT Training Coordinator Chris Jones.

From left: CLEAT Field Rep John Kerr, CELET Instructor Jim Osorio, CELET K-9 “Coral”, Cleburne PD Training Coordinator Trey West and CLEAT Training Coordinator Chris Jones.

CLEBURNE — More than 120 Texas law enforcement officers have taken the the CLEAT-sponsored Canine Encounters Law Enforcement Training class. The first class was held last month and the two most recent classes were held this week,

CLEAT is the first statewide law enforcement organization to make the class available to officers.

In addition to offering the class, CLEAT is also working with animal-rights organizations that are promoting legislation to require regular training to provide a better understanding of canine behavior and learn alternative ways to subdue a potentially aggressive dog.

The legislation being developed would not prohibit officers from using deadly force against dogs to protect themselves or others.

Posted by January 7, 2015

From the Presidents Desk: For real clout, you can’t beat CLEAT

ToddBy Todd Harrison
CLEAT President

Cop to cop, CLEAT is the only statewide police association whose voice is heard in the Capitol.  The other guys do not have a real voice in Texas. They are conflicted. Nobody listens because they spend all their time spinning big yarns.

They’ve said CLEAT was broke when we are larger and more financially sound than we’ve ever been ($15 million in annual asset and operating budgets, $1 million in reserve, and none of our money comes from state or federal welfare). Another story they’ve made up was that one of our founders, Ron DeLord, is headed to federal prison. Both of these stories are flat-out lies.  Read More »

Posted by January 6, 2015

Important changes made to CLEAT Benefit Plan

Effective Jan. 1 of this year, CLEAT has a new provider for its benefit plan — and that means there are a few changes in the coverage plans and they way participants in the plans file claims.

You can check out the details clicking on the “Dental & Vision” tab on the far-right side of the home page. The drop-down menu will take you where you need to go.

And for those who still need to file claims with our former provider, you can still find all of the the necessary forms by clicking on the bottom link in the drop-down menu (see photo below).plan1

The CLEAT Benefit Plan is an ERISA Plan which provides dental and vision benefits to its participants. The plan is available to:

  • Members of participating local associations
  • Affiliated locals with the minimum of 75 percent participation
  • Employees of a political subdivision
  • Officers who were members of the plan for 12-months prior to termination of employment or retirement.

For any questions regarding the CLEAT Benefit Plan, contact

Zan Terry, Ameritas
10999 IH 10 West Suite 700 San Antonio, TX 78230
Office: 210.638.7964;  cell: 210.865.6443


Alex Perez, Spectrum Advisory Group
1939 NE Loop 410, Suite 233
San Antonio, Texas 78212
Office: 210-824-8004; Cell: 210-326-8756

Posted by January 6, 2015

Del Rio police officer wrongly fired by Debrow wins his job back

Karl Brehm and Cpl. Roberto Zaragoza

Karl Brehm and Cpl. Roberto Zaragoza

Del Rio Police Cpl. Roberto Zaragoza has finally won vindication, with help from CLEAT Staff Attorney Karl Brehm.

Zaragoza was terminated from employment by then-Chief James Von Debrow. Zaragoza had responded to a domestic violence call and assisted the victim of assault in the arrest of her attacker.

A month later, after the victim and suspect reconciled, Zaragoza was accused of improper contact during the ride to police headquarters after the suspected had been arrested.  Chief Debrow gave no regard to the fact the suspect was now telling the Del Rio Police that the suspect did not actually assault her.

The complainant gave a sworn statement the night of the attack that the suspect did assault her.  That fact was also attested to by the complainant’s mother who witnessed the attack and also gave a sworn statement that the suspect assaulted her daughter.

After the arbitration of Zaragoza’s case, the Hearing Examiner ordered Zaragoza returned to work with complete back pay and removal of all mention of the disciplinary history handed down Chief Debrow. Zaragoza was found to be truthful about what happened the night in question and the complainant was found to have been untruthful regarding her allegations against Zaragoza.

Cpl. Zaragoza is today back at work for the Del Rio Police Department and Chief Debow is not. Debrow was terminated after intense pressure from CLEAT and the local association from the employment of the Del Rio Police shortly after the Arbitration hearing on Zaragoza’s case.

Posted by December 23, 2014

65 new members sign up in El Paso, 43 in Austin and 14 in Waco

Myra Marquez and John Kerr

Myra Marquez and John Kerr

Talk about a holiday rush.

In the past two weeks, CLEAT signed up more than 120 new members across the state. Here’s the breakdown:

Myra Marquez in the El Paso office brought in 43 new graduates from the El Paso Police Department’s academy and 22 from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department academy. That was 100 percent from each class.

CLEAT President Todd Harrison announced the signing of 43 new graduates from the Austin PD academy. Again, 100 percent.

Todd Harrison

Todd Harrison

And John Kerr signed 15 newly certified Police Officer from Waco.

Posted by December 22, 2014

Have a happy and safe holiday season!


The Arlington Police Association Christmas party.

The Arlington Police Association Christmas party.

It’s holiday time and several affiliated locals have taken time to celebrate the season.

The Arlington Police Association had its holiday party on Dec. 6. And the association continued its Santa Cops program for families in need. Several associations have similar programs.

CLEAT wishes all its members, their families and their supporters a happy and safe holiday season. Read More »

Posted by December 15, 2014

Makeover at CLEAT Headquarters is just about complete

CLEAT signOne of the final touches to the renovation at CLEAT Headquarters in downtown Austin was applied Monday morning.

Workers installed the shiny new sign in the front of the building just west of the Texas Capitol.

With the makeover that began in the summer just about complete, all of the major divisions are consolidated on the ground floor. That includes the Austin-based lawyers, field representatives and Public Affairs and Membership teams and the Training and Finance departments. Read More »

Posted by December 8, 2014

CLEAT backs Kolkorst for State Senate in Dec. 6 special election

Lois Kolkorst

Lois Kolkorst

CLEAT is proud to endorse Lois Kolkorst in the upcoming special election for State Senate District 18.

“Texas law enforcement officers have had rock-solid ally in Representative Kolkorst for the 14 years she’s served in the state House,” said CEAT Executive Director Charley Wilkison. “We look forward to her leadership in the Texas Senate.

“Rep. Kolkhorst has a 100 percent voting record of fighting crime and keeping criminals behind bars,” Wilkison added.

Kolkorst, a fifth-generation Texan who can trace her roots back to the Texas War of Independence, is running to replace Glenn Hegar, who resigned from the Senate after his election to state comptroller this month.

SD 18 includes all of Aransas, Austin, Bastrop, Caldwell, Calhoun, Colorado, DeWitt, Fayette, Goliad, Gonzales, Jackson, Lavaca, Lee, Matagorda,Refugio, Victoria, Waller, Washington and Wharton counties and part of Fort Bend County.

Posted by November 25, 2014

SAPOA calls out Sculley in TV spot for extravagant pay hypocrisy

While San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley goes to court to push for steep cuts in police officers’ compensation, the SAPOA is fighting back in the court of public opinion by pointing out the manager’s hypocrisy when it comes to the public-sector payroll.

In a new 60-ad on radio, TV and the web, the association sets the record straight.

“Sheryl Sculley wants to talk about extravagant pay and benefits for police officers? Let’s talk about who’s really overpaid,” the ad says. “Sheryl Sculley makes half-a-million dollars a year. That’s 12 times more than the average San Antonio resident earns, more than any city manager in Texas, more than the governor of Texas, more than the president of the United States.” Read More »

Posted by November 24, 2014