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Nueces County Sheriffs Officers Association gets new contract, pay raise


Left to right: State Representative Todd Hunter and NCSOA President Jose Gonzalez

The Nueces County Commissioners Court recently approved a collective bargaining contract with the Nueces County Sheriffs Officers Association which includes a 15% pay raise over the next four years.

State Representative Todd Hunter, R-Corpus Christi, was also at the meeting and congratulated the officers on their hard work. Rep Hunter is also a recipient of CLEAT’s Best of the House Award for the 84th Legislative Session.

“This is a huge victory for our officers and their families,” said NCSOA President Jose Gonzalez. Read More »

Posted by September 17, 2015

Wichita Falls City Council votes for pay raises for officers

Wichita Falls POAAt its recent city council meeting, the Wichita Falls City Council voted 7-0 for their police officers to receive a 9% pay raise and a 2% step increase for those that are eligible. Mayor Barham, Michael Smith, and Tim Ingle all made comments after the vote that the council needs to keep up with the police/fire raises next year and in the subsequent years. A large number of officers from the Wichita Falls Police Officers Association attended the meeting showing their support and thanks. Earlier this year, CLEAT Field Service Representative David Kilcrease developed a comparable market salary survey that proved how far behind the officers were in salary compared to other departments.  Read More »

Posted by September 16, 2015

CLEAT Convention photos now available for download

The 2015 Convention in El Paso opens with the Pledge of Allegiance. (Photo by Chris Jones)

The 2015 Convention in El Paso opens with the Pledge of Allegiance. (Photo by Chris Jones)

The 39th CLEAT Convention is now in the books, but it lives on in photographs.

Training Coordinator and expert photographer Chris Jones uploaded 315 of his pictures from the gathering in El Paso that began with training events on Tuesday and wrapped after after the awards ceremony on Saturday.

The photos are available here. You can sign up for a free Shutterfly account and download the photos you like. Read More »

Posted by September 15, 2015

CLEAT awards honor dedication to service

officers of year

The Officers of the Year or their stand-ins

CLEAT congratulates the 2015 Regional Officers Of the Year:

Region 1A: Lloyd Cook
Region 1B: Deputy Christen Jarvis
Region 2: Raul Gonzalez
Region 3A: Jason Sanchez
Region 3B: Scott Leeton
Region 3C: Richard Hammock
Region 4A: Adrian Arellano (Died in the line of duty)
Region 4B: Robert Torrez
Region 5: Sergeant Korby Kennedy (Died in the line of duty)
Region 6: Francene Blunt
Region 7: Deputy Dustin R. Unruh
Region 8A: Carlos E. Lopez
Region 8B: Larry Wilkey
Region 9: Cindy Meyer          

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Posted by September 14, 2015

Petition calls for renaming road for murdered deputy

Deputy Darren Goforth

Deputy Darren Goforth

Law enforcement supporters say the road near where Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth was gunned down should be renamed for him.

Sign the petition.

Posted by September 14, 2015

CLEAT is growing, and remains on solid financial footing

CLEAT President Todd Harrison prepares to call the executive board to order.

CLEAT President Todd Harrison prepares to call the executive board to order.

EL PASO – Over the past year and a half, CLEAT has seen a net gain of more than 1,000 members and will close out the present budget cycle solidly in the black, Executive Director Charley Wilkison told the Executive Board on Thursday.

The board held its quarterly meeting as part of the run up to the 39th CLEAT Convention, which officially begins Friday. But since Tuesday, members and staff have been in El Paso for training sessions and last-minute preparations for the formal proceedings.

Wilkison and CLEAT division leaders gave their progress reports, saying that nearly all the news was good. The CLEAT offices are fully staffed now that North Texas labor lawyer Terry Boone has joined CLEAT Legal Services and will be working in the Lubbock office that covers much of West Texas and the Panhandle. Read More »

Posted by September 10, 2015

2015 CLEAT Convention opens this week in El Paso

CLEAT's smoker on display in El Paso.

CLEAT’s smoker on display in El Paso.

EL PASO – The 39th CLEAT Convention is gearing up this week as members begin filing into the El Paso Airport Marriott, which is serving as headquarters.

Training sessions started Tuesday with the Canine Encounters for Law Enforcement class, which drew well over 100 participants. Expert dog-handler Jim Osorio presented the training.

On Wednesday, “Beyond Off Duty Survival” with Betsy and Dave Smith was held.

Meanwhile, CLEAT is sending its thoughts and prayers to two El Paso police officers who were hospitalized with injuries after being involved in an accident on Wednesday morning. A civilian motors also suffered injuries. The injuries were not considered life-threatening, according to news accounts.

Click here for the full convention agenda.

Pictures on CLEAT Training Coordinator Chris Jones’ Facebook page.

CLEAT’s Facebook page (“Like” us, if you haven’t already).

KFOX14’s report from a training session.

Posted by September 9, 2015

Texans statewide stand with law enforcement officers


capitol cops

As Texas continues to mourn the loss of Harris County Sheriff Deputy Darren Goforth, law enforcement officers and ordinary citizens took time to honor the service of the state’s peace officers.

At Gov. Greg Abbott’s calling, several police units at the Texas Capitol turned on their red-and-blue flashing lights for one-minute at 11 a.m.  Friday  to coincide with the beginning of Deputy Goforth’s funeral. Similar scenes played out in cities and towns across the state.


The deputy was killed last week when he was ambushed by a gunman, who is now charged with capital murder. Read More »

Posted by September 4, 2015

CLEAT calls on Obama to stand up for law enforcement

Todd Harrison

Todd Harrison

CLEAT is calling on President Obama to cut short his Alaskan trip, return to Washington and seek emergency legislation to help protect the lives of law enforcement officers and their families.

“The President needs to do more than answer letters and phone up our widows in order to gain media attention,” said CLEAT President Todd Harrison.

“There is an open war against the police on the streets of America,” he said. “President Obama and all the politicians in Texas and the U.S. have something in common, they’ve done absolutely nothing.”

Citing the ongoing violence aimed at law enforcement officers across the country, Harrison said CLEAT is calling on elected leaders to step up to protect the lives of law enforcement officers. Read More »

Posted by September 2, 2015

Wilkison on KSAT: Videos provide incomplete picture of police work

Charley Wilkison interviewed via Skype.

Charley Wilkison interviewed via Skype.

CLEAT Executive Director Charley Wilkison was interviewed by San Antonio TV station KSAT via Skype on Tuesday to discuss how the increasing presence of cellphone videos from citizens affect law enforcement.

“People may pick up a cellphone and film at 200 feet or yards away with a telephone pole in the way,” he told KSAT. “They’re not there. They’re not in the place. Officers are doing their job just like they always did.”

The interview came after the San Antonio news outlet made the controversial decision to post a video of last week’s officer-involved shooting on its website. The station paid the person who made the recording $100 for the rights to the video. Read More »

Posted by September 2, 2015