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TMRS Advisory Committee Considers Legislative Proposals


CLEAT’s Greg Shipley (center) considers proposals during the meeting of the TMRS Advisory Committee on Retirement Matters. The committee met on Friday, April 4, 2014 to discuss pension proposals and strategy for the next legislative session. Shipley, a CLEAT regional director and police officer from Corpus Christi, is CLEAT’s representative on the Advisory Committee. Among the topics being discussed are proposals to change the TMRS COLA provisions. Proposals to change TMRS’ unique COLA system have been defeated during the last three legislative sessions.

Among the topics being discussed are proposals to change the TMRS COLA provisions. Proposals to change TMRS’ unique COLA system have been defeated during the last three legislative sessions.

Posted by April 7, 2014

CLEAT, colleagues come to aid of Denison police sergeant

Sgt Mike Byrd eventA large turnout on Sunday, April 6, by law enforcement and supporters to assist the family of Denison Police Sgt. Mike Byrd with medical bills and related expenses due to Sgt. Byrd suffering a stroke after a foot pursuit and resisting arrest suspect.

From left to right; Field Representative John Kerr,  Denison Police Assn President John Watt, Field Services Director Dwight Tiller, Denison PD Sgt. Mike Byrd and CLEAT Region 9 Director Brady Sipes, who is with the Mesquite Police Association.

Posted by April 7, 2014

CLEAT supporting Sen. Deuell in upcoming runoff election

Sen. Bob Deuell with CLEAT Public Affairs Coordinator Melinda Griffith

Sen. Bob Deuell with CLEAT Public Affairs Coordinator Melinda Griffith at a recent campaign event

CLEAT is reminding members along with their friends and family members who live in Texas Senate District 2 that friend of law enforcement Bob Deuell has earned their support in the May 27 Republican runoff election.

Deuell is a physician who has served in the Texas Senate for more than 10 years.  He is a longtime friend and supporter who has won the CLEAT Lifetime Achievement Award.

He has helped pass countless pieces of vital legislation,  including Jessica’s Law, which put in place some of the strictest punishments in the nation for child molesters. Read More »

Posted by April 1, 2014

Grand jury clears San Marcos officers in November shooting

san marcos badgeA Caldwell County grand jury today cleared the five San Marcos police officers who were part of the team forced to shoot and kill the man who kidnapped a woman and led law enforcement officials on a high-speed chase covering three counties in November.

The officers were represented by CLEAT lawyers.

“The grand jury clearly recognized that the action taken by these officers saved the life of the young woman who was kidnapped and removed a grave threat to everyone who was in the area at the time,” said CLEAT Executive Director Charley Wilkison.

The suspect stole a police car and kidnapped his 19-year-old victim from her place of employment in Bulverde. Holding the victim at gunpoint, the suspect drive the vehicle at speeds exceeding 100 mph and fired on pursuing officers in the early morning hours of Nov. 29.

According to news accounts, the chase led to Hays County where a swarm of officers from several agencies joined the effort to capture the suspect and free the victim. Tire spikes were used on Interstate 35, and the vehicle was finally disabled near Texas Highway 21 and FM 2001.

Officers attempted to negotiate, but the suspect was threatening to kill the victim. When he pointed his weapon at officers, they opened fire and ended the situation, with no harming coming to innocent civilians or law enforcement officers.


Posted by March 27, 2014

CLEAT, locals taking part in TEXpers conference

Rick Van Houten

Rick Van Houten

Representatives from CLEAT and from local affiliates are taking part in the 25th annual conference of TEXpers this week in Fort Worth.

TEXpers guides the retirement investments for more than 300,000 public employees and the conference is helping identify issues at the state, national and local levels that could affect the health of these pension plans.

The theme for the event that continues through Wednesday is Learn, Connect, Promote and Protect. Read More »

Posted by March 25, 2014

CLEAT not letting up in fight for officer’s job, back pay

Daniel Jalomos and Karl Brehm

Daniel Jalomos and Karl Brehm

CLEAT Staff Attorney Karl Brehm recently traveled to Del Rio in South Texas to file legal paperwork on behalf of Senior Officer Daniel Jalomos.

Jalomos was terminated by the Del Rio Police Department, but after his case was heard by a third-party hearing examiner, it was ruled that Jalomos should be returned back to duty with full back pay and benefits.

The City of Del Rio has appealed that decision and CLEAT is now fighting to ensure the City of Del Rio complies with the law and the hearing examiner’s award.


Posted by March 17, 2014

5K run, scholarship keeps Texarkana officer’s memory alive

Supporters and loved ones of a Texarkana, Texas, police officer who was killed in the line of duty last year want to replace the tragic memories associated with where he died with a more uplifting experience.

Officer downAn organization called Pink Behind the Blue Line is organizing a 5-kilometer run in memory of Officer William Jason Sprague, who died in a hit-and-run crash while responding to a disturbance involving about 100 people on June 15, 2013.

The run, called the Officers Down 5K, will take place July 26 in the Texarkana park where Sprague was struck. Money raised in the run will support a scholarship set up in Sprague’s memory. According to news accounts of the officer’s death, Sprague arrived at the park around 1:30 a.m. and was attempting to make contact with the driver of an SUV that was attempting to leave the area.

Read More »

Posted by March 17, 2014

Big turnout for CLEAT sponsored Winning Mind Seminar in Lubbock


Dave “Buck Savage” Smith teaching the acclaimed “Winning Mind” seminar in Lubbock on Thursday, March 13, 2014. Over 100 officers turned out for this TCOLE approved class. CLEAT’s sponsorship of this event allowed officers to attend for free. Also, CLEAT’s Training Coordinator Chris Jones and Field Services Director Dwight Tiller were on hand to answer questions about the benefits of CLEAT membership.

Posted by March 14, 2014

TV company plans a show on Texas law enforcement families

A TV production company wants to do for Texas law enforcement families what it did for the makers of duck calls and for those who like hanging around with sharks.

gurney productionsGurney Productions, based in Los Angeles and the force behind such shows as Duck Dynasty and Shark Week, is coming to Texas for a new series it’s calling Daughters of the Law. Casting producer Jen Walsh said the show is looking for moms or dads in law enforcement who have daughters approaching adulthood living at home.

“This show will focus on girl’s ages 18-22, who have fathers or mothers in law enforcement,” Walsh said in an email to CLEAT.

”Throughout the series, we will take a closer look at the girl’s day-to-day activities. From dating, to work, school and her home life. This lighthearted series, with comedic undertones will demonstrate the unique dynamic between a teenage daughter and her parents.”

If you or someone you know might fit the bill and be interested, drop Walsh a line at


Posted by March 12, 2014

City of Austin tweets an insult at its police officers

Wayne Vincent

Wayne Vincent

Austin Police Association President Wayne Vincent fired back at the city manager on Tuesday after an official city tweet aimed at attendees of South By Southwest insulted Austin’s police officers.

“Welcome SXSWers!  We know you’re loving Austin but if you experience a problem with police, let us know,” said the tweet that went out Monday.

Vincent said the unwarranted slap demoralized rank-and-file officers throughout Texas’ capital city. “I have never seen such a divisive message used by City Government officials in what we see as a calculated public-relations assault on the men and women you profess to respect,” Vincent said in a letter to City Manager Marc Ott.   Read More »

Posted by March 11, 2014