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100 percent signup in Nueces County


The latest Nueces County Sheriff’s Office cadet class reports a 100 percent signup rate with  both CLEAT and the local association.

Nueces County Sheriff’ Officer’s Association President Jose A Gonzalez and CLEAT Staff Attorney Celeste Robertson met with the cadets last week an sent in the photo above.

For more about what’s going on with NCSOA, click here.

Posted by October 12, 2015

CLEAT helps raise funds for family of fallen Harris County officer

Left to right: CLEAT Vice President Matt Novosad, CLEAT President Todd Harrison, and Jose Marrufo of El Paso

Left to right: CLEAT Vice President Matt Novosad, CLEAT President Todd Harrison, and Jose Marrufo of El Paso

The CLEAT cooking and smoking rig was in Houston on Saturday for a fundraiser with Harris County deputies and detention officers for a the family of a fallen officer.

The fundraiser was a joint effort by CLEAT and the Sheriffs Employees Organization of Harris County on behalf of Detention Officer Tronoski JonesRead More »

Posted by October 12, 2015

Get your will done for free in Wichita Falls on October 14th

Wichita Falls Police Officers Association and CLEAT Present Wills Workshop

Wednesday October 14, 2015

11:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.

Wichita Falls POA Building 3229 Industrial Drive

  • Members & Spouses Wills included
  • CLEAT Staff Attorney Terry Boone will be in attendance
  • CLEAT President Todd Harrison and the CLEAT grill will be on hand cooking burgers and hot dogs throughout the day

If you are not currently a CLEAT member and join during the workshop, we will process your will.

For more information contact CLEAT Field Representative Tracy Chance 512.799.9824 Read More »

Posted by October 8, 2015

CLEAT, CCPOA sign up entire class of recruits (again)

74th academy picCLEAT joined with board members of the Corpus Christi Police Officers Association in making a presentation to the latest police academy class on Monday.

And once again, all members of the class signed with both organizations.

The academy class posed for the photo above with CCPOA President Scott Leeton, who is at the far left.

Posted by October 6, 2015

Ballots are now going out for CLEAT vice president elections

vote pixBallots for the three CLEAT vice president positions are being mailed out to all active CLEAT members.

There are five candidates running. Each CLEAT member may vote for up to three of the candidates — but no more than one vote for any one candidate.

Votes may be cast either by mail, by phone or over the internet.  The deadline for voting is Nov. 2.  The CLEAT 2016 Calendar will be included in the ballot mailing. Here is the link to vote via the internet, but you will need to have your PIN that’s on the ballot you receive in the mail before yo can cast a vote.

If you are a member and have not received a ballot by Oct. 8,  call VR Elections at 1-800-218-4026 or email

Their eligibility will be verified, and a new ballot mailed with voting instructions.


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Posted by October 6, 2015

Del Rio POA leads effort to gain 2-1 city contribution to TRMS

Mark Guerra

Mark Guerra

The Del Rio Police Officers Association this week presented a proposal of a 2-to-1 TMRS Retirement contribution to all city employees.

Through a combined effort with the Del Rio Professional Firefighters Association, DRPOA and CLEAT Region 2 Director Mark Guerra were able to gather support from Mayor Robert Garza and all members of the City Council.

A special thanks to the members of The Border Organization showing their dedicated effort and support throughout the organizational process. Read More »

Posted by October 1, 2015

Tyler’s Clay Allen retires, but his association with CLEAT continues

Clay Allen retirementCLEAT offers best wishes to longtime member Clay Allen, who retired this week on his 31st anniversary date of being hired as a Tyler police officer.

Allen  was presented a CLEAT Special Recognition award for his service as a police officer and for his long association with CLEAT.

And that association will not end with his retirement from active duty.

Clay filled out his CLEAT Retiree Association card this week in Tyler. He is photographed with CLEAT Field Services Director Dwight Tiller.

Posted by October 1, 2015

SAPOA demands end to city manager’s lawsuit before talks can resume

Mike Helle

Mike Helle

The president of the San Antonio Police Offices Association told the mayor and City Council that the lawsuit the city manager filed against the union must be dropped or resolved before contract negotiations can resume.

CLEAT stands firmly with SAPOA President Mike Helle and the local association.

“SAPOA believes the decision by the City Manager to file a lawsuit against police officers and fire fighters while the SPOA was at the bargaining table has created an impediment to settling on a new contract at this time,” Helle said in the to Mayor Ivy Taylor and all of the council members. Read More »

Posted by October 1, 2015

Field Rep Kerr pays a visit to Longview POA members

Longview POA with John Kerr

CLEAT Field Representative John Kerr got to spend some quality time over lunch with several Longview Police Officers Association Board Members.

Photographed left to right are John Kerr, Kirby DeLoach, Lanie Smith, Debra Stiles, Paul Hickey and Jacky Hiles.

Posted by October 1, 2015

82 attend CLEAT’s ‘Canine Encounters’ class in Kilgore

dog kilgore 3

The CLEAT-sponsored “Canine Encounters” class in Kilgore on Tuesday drew 82 officers from East Texas.

CLEAT is the first statewide law enforcement group to offer the class by Jim Osorio, a nationally recognized expert in police encounters with dogs. Officers who take the class receive credit from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

CLEAT Training Coordinator Chris Jones and John Kerr of CLEAT Field Services were on hand in Kilgore. Read More »

Posted by September 29, 2015