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Willborn was champion for public servants

From the San Antonio Express-News:

James M. “Jimmy” Willborn believed in helping others.

As an officer with the San Antonio Police Department, Willborn went beyond protecting the public, working with the San Antonio Police Officer Association (SAPOA), and the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT) to help obtain better pay, benefits and equipment for his fellow public servants, and starting the local Blue Santa organization to help needy families during the holidays.

“He really worked hard to make things better,” his daughter Donna Willbornsaid. “He left this world a much better place.”

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Posted by August 13, 2015

CLEAT legal victory for Harris County detention officers


From left: Salih Hankins, Bob Thomas, John Gomez, Frank Spicher and Ben Leal

CLEAT Staff Attorney Bob Thomas successfully represented four detention officers employed by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office who were all disciplined as the result of one incident involving an inmate.

After Salih Hankins, John Gomez, Frank Spicher & Ben Leal, all members of the Sheriffs Employees Organization of Harris County and CLEAT, were notified of their discipline, they contacted CLEAT’s Bob Thomas. Read More »

Posted by July 30, 2015

CLEAT Legal gets job back for San Antonio officer

Officer Garza and Bob Leonard.

Officer Garza and Assistant General Counsel Bob Leonard.

San Antonio Police Officer Michael Garza was never so happy following his return to full duty after a nearly three-year absence.

In July 2012, Officer Garza was involved in a fatal shooting. During the investigation, it was discovered that Officer Garza had committed some department policy violations. However, instead of receiving appropriate discipline, the department terminated his employment.

CLEAT Assistant General Counsel Bob Leonard immediately filed an appeal on Michael’s behalf. Following a lengthy criminal review by the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office, a four-day arbitration was held in January of this year. Read More »

Posted by July 29, 2015

Legal victory puts wrongly fired Port Arthur officer back to work

Officer George Clark with CLEAT"S Bob Thomas.

Officer George Clark with CLEAT”S Bob Thomas.

Port Arthur Police Officer George Clark was wrongly fired in November 2014.

CLEAT Staff Attorney Bob Thomas appealed to a hearing examiner and conducted a hotly contested arbitration hearing, and then he submitted post hearing briefs.

Bottom line: The arbitrator reversed the termination and reinstated Officer Clark with all back pay and benefits.

Posted by June 23, 2015

San Angelo officers cleared in shooting of armed domestic violence suspect

Officers Roger Spearman and Michael Peterson

Officers Roger Spearman and Michael Peterson

The two San Angelo police officers who opened fire on an armed man who presented a grave threat to both police and the public last year have been cleared by a grand jury.

The officers, Roger Spearman and Michael Peterson, were among the respondents to a domestic call on Sept. 11, 2014. A woman complained that her estranged husband had come to the office and assaulted her and pointed a gun at her head.

The officers made sure that the woman’s children were safe, monitored the area and looked for the attacker to make sure he could not return to harm the victim or her co-workers.  Read More »

Posted by June 22, 2015

CLEAT fights termination, wins job back for El Paso deputy constable

Alyssa Perez with Deputy Constable Osbaldo Juarez.

Alyssa Perez with Deputy Constable Osbaldo Juarez.

El Paso County Deputy Constable Osbaldo Juarez has his job back after civil service unanimously overturned his termination.

After 13 years of service, Deputy Juarez survived numerous unfounded attempts to discipline him. But when a picture was posted on Facebook, Juarez was terminated for using his cell phone while driving.

The constable’s witnesses failed to establish Juarez violated any policy, and the constable conceded that deputies were required to use cell phones on duty. Read More »

Posted by June 3, 2015

Texas City officer who took down shooter is cleared

A still image from the video from Dec. 26, 2014.

A still image from the video from Dec. 26, 2014.

A Galveston County grand jury has cleared the Texas City police officer whose quick reaction neutralized what could have been a bloodbath when a man opened fire at a crowded nightclub in December.

The officer, seven-year department veteran Christopher Ham, was represented by CLEAT Staff Attorney Bob Thomas. Audio and video released after the grand jury had ruled last week showed that shooter fired several rounds after bar fight spilled into the nightclub parking lot in the post-midnight hours of Dec. 26, 2014.

Ham could be heard on the audio repeatedly ordering to shooter to drop his pistol. When the shooter trained the weapon on Ham, the officer fired several times. The shooter did not survive. Read More »

Posted by May 26, 2015

CLEAT exposes flawed polygraph, wins back officers’ jobs

Fernando Robles, left, Jim Jopling and Rolando Castro

Fernando Robles, left, Jim Jopling and Rolando Castro

El Paso County Detention Officers Fernando Robles and Rolando Castro are returning to work with full back pay.

This hard-won victory comes after a very tough year caused by a convicted criminal and misplaced trust in the lie detector.

On April 3, 2014, Officers Castro and Robles stood outside the Sheriff’s conference room at the County Jail. They had been falsely accused of assaulting an inmate and were about to lose their jobs and get arrested. Read More »

Posted by April 27, 2015

CLEAT wins vindication for 3 Harris County officers

From left: Harris County Detention Officers Renesha Dunmore, Anais Flores, Staff Attorney Bob Thomas and Kanetha Williams.

From left: Harris County Detention Officers Renesha Dunmore, Anais Flores, Staff Attorney Bob Thomas and Kanetha Williams.

Harris County Detention Officers Renesha Dunmore, Anais Flores and Kanetha Williams were assigned to the all-female floor of the Harris County Jail as the day-shift rovers.

Their primary responsibility was to escort and search female inmates leaving and returning to the fourth floor. A contraband item was discovered  on the fourth  floor of approximately 900 female inmates.  Each of the detention officers were suspended without pay by the sheriff. Read More »

Posted by April 27, 2015

Wrongly fired officer in Temple reinstated with CLEAT’s help

Casey  Bales and Craig Driskell

Officer Bales and Craig Driskell

A Temple police officer who intervened to protect civilians from being spat on by an unruly shoplifting suspect was awarded his job back after an arbitration hearing.

The officer, Casey Bales, was represented by CLEAT Staff Attorney Craig Driskell. Bales was called to a department store in May 2013 to assist a fellow officer who had been assaulted by the suspect. Once the suspect was subdued, handcuffed and detained in the store’s loss-prevention office, the suspect spit several times and used abusive language toward those present.

The incident was recorded by security video. Read More »

Posted by April 6, 2015