Retirement War

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CLEAT Articles on Retirement

David vs. Goliath

San Antonio Members React Angrily to News that Legislators Tried to Hurt Rights

It’s Time for Cities to Make Public Safety Pensions a Priority

Your Retirement is Under Attack, Get Ready to Fight

Developing a Battle Strategy to Save Your Retirement

National Law Enforcement Leaders Gather for Pension Talks

ALEC: The secretly funded enemy of law enforcement officers and their families

Your Vote May Save Your Retirement

Letter to Mayor: Officer Retirement Still a Bargain

The Police Retirement and Pension Fight in Texas is Different. When it Comes to Your Retirement, You have to Trust the Legislature that You Helped Create – We Have No Choice

CLEAT President Testifies at Committee on Pensions

If They Try to Kick You and Take Away Your Retirement, They’ll Have to Kick Me First – Sen. Eddie Lucio, D-Brownsville

Officer Retirement to be Top Issue in the 83rd Texas Legislative Session in January

Pension Cabinet Meeting

HB 718 is Bad for TMRS Employees

Working Hard to Save Your Retirement Was Our Top Priority

TMRS discusses new GASB rule implementation, makes accounting rule change

TMRS Votes to Update Mortality Tables


Additional Articles on Retirement

Tax Increase, Ending Pensions Among Ideads Headed to Houston Mayor

Battle Brewing Over Texas Public Pensions

Texas Public Pensions Under Scrutiny In Spite of Protections

States Grapple with Public Worker Pension Funds

Bill King: City Faced with Staggering Contributions to Pensions

Pension Reformers Warn of Looming Breaking Point

Bill King: Public Pensions Are Facing a Crisis

Cracking Open Todays Retirement Strategies

Parker Plans to Sue Houston Pension System Over Records

National Group Calls on Nation’s Governors to Freeze Defined Benefit Plans for Public Workers

As Traditional Retirement Declines, Safety Net Shifts from Public to Private

Public Pension Pitfalls: What Municipal Budget Troubles Mean for Bond Investors

Texas Gets a D+ in Public Integrity Study

Dont Cut Pensions, Expand Them

Democrats Face Tough Pension Choice

When It Comes to Pensions, We Can’t Afford to Party Like It’s 1999

US Public Pensions Take to Social Media

Public Employee Unions Gone Wild

Harvard Paper: Solutions in Sight for Underfunded Public Pensions

NCPERS Puts On Brave Face After Public Pension Study

US Public Pension Investment Earnings at Record High

US Public Pension Shortfall $4.6 Trillion, Group Says

Texas Public Pension Reform Movement Brewing

Weaknesses in Pension Plans Amplified by GASB, Moody’s Rule Changes

US Loves Cops and Firefighters- but Not Their Pensions

Public Pension Critics Say the Time for Change is Now

Here Are 12 Half Truths that Deserve to be Debunked in 2012

CAGW Releases New Public Employee Compensation Report

Combs Call for Tweaks to Improve Pension Oversight, Transparency

Earnings of Police Pension Trustees Questioned


Special Publications on Retirement

Texas Public Policy Foundation: Public Pension Debate

Texas Public Policy Foundation: Reforming Texas’ State and Local Pension Systems

Committee Testimony on Reforming Texas Public Pension Systems

Committee Testimony on Changing Public Pensions from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution

Getting It Right

NCPERS: 2012 Public Funds Study

Your Money and Pension Obligations

82nd Legislative Session: Bad Pension Bills Filed

HB 1974 by Representative Sheets

HB 2506 by Representative Chisum

HB 2451 by Representative Zedler

HB 2731 by Representative Truitt

HB 1820 by Representative R. Anderson

SB 642 by Senator Seliger