About Training

CLEAT was the first statewide law enforcement organization in Texas to offer training to its members. Since 1976, CLEAT has offered training to assist officers in critical incidents, workplace ethics, and officer rights. Since its inception, CLEAT has educated hundreds of members.

In fact, CLEAT pushed hard in the legislature for increases in training, better professionalism, higher standards, and education for officers. Unlike some other organizations, CLEAT has never sought profit from an officer’s training.

Since officer training is required under the law, CLEAT has never accepted government grants, or other funding to operate its union or to subsidize its training or operations. Our goal has always been to offer training to our members at no costs. Our members know that they can count on our annual CLEAT leadership academy, regional training opportunities and our TCLEOSE credited training held at our annual convention at NO COSTS to them. Any time there is a cost associated with training, it is simply to bring in outside expertise through our partnership with Calibre Press or other entities.

In 2013, CLEAT announced that we have renewed our exclusive agreements with PoliceOne Academy and Calibre Press . Through our partnership with PoliceOne, CLEAT will continue to offer online TCLEOSE approved training to our members, especially those in areas of the state who do not have access to a wide choice of training opportunities.

And we are proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Lifeline Training . The new agreement with Lifeline will continue to allow us to offer the acclaimed Street Survival Seminar to our members. And in addition we are excited to promote and sponsor a wide variety of new training classes that will be in offered by Lifeline to officers in Texas.

And finally, CLEAT is extremely proud to announce a partnership with Dave Smith & Associates . Dave Smith is well known for his iconic “J.D. Buck Savage” character used in hundreds of training videos over the years. In this exclusive agreement, CLEAT will offer Dave’s trademark class “The Winning Mind” in a number of Texas locations throughout the year.

CLEAT will also partner with DSA to promote and sponsor several of their other training classes, including “The Winning Mind for Women” taught by Dave’s wife Betsy “the Sarge” Smith.

For more information about each of these exclusive training opportunities, visit their respective page under the training tab above. For specific class dates and locations, go to the Training Calendar .