A conversation with Todd Harrison

Todd Harrison has been a CLEAT member just about as long as he's been a law enforcement officer, and as president of the organization, he's got his eyes on the future.

As an Austin Police sergeant with more than two decades experience under his belt, Harrison says it's important that young officers just coming up understand the importance of having an ally in their corner. That means having someone looking out for their job security, their legal needs and their post-retirement years.

With CLEAT, Harrison says, "You've got someone backingyou up. It keeps you from having to worry about what's going to happen to your family and to yourself."

Click on the video below to see his full remarks about where CLEAT has been, and where it is going in the years ahead.This is one in an occasional series of conversations with the some of the people who make the CLEAT the largest and best labor law enforcement organization in Texas.

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