CLEAT video demonstrates life-and-death realities for police

CLEAT turns its focus this Labor Day to the sacrifice of police officers and their families who often work in stressful conditions facing violence and death every day.

CLEAT has written and produced a short film about Officer Jolanda Sanchez, her fallen brother Rocky Riojas, and a critical incident in San Antonio.

Officer Sanchez and her partner were called to a Super 8 Motel where they were engaged with an active shooter. Officer Sanchez’s partner was shot in the head.

See the report on KENS5 News.

Even as Officer Sanchez was dealing with a live shooter, and critically injured partner she had the added stress of the memory of her fallen brother Rocky who was shot and killed in the line of duty. Instead of being paralyzed by fear and loss--she placed her own life at risk and heroically saved the life of her partner.

“It’s fitting that Officer Sanchez comes from San Antonio, Texas where certain city leaders are attempting to cut police pay and benefits,” said CLEAT Executive Director Charley Wilkison.

“Police officers, like Jolanda Sanchez, have helped to create the prosperity of San Antonio, Texas," Wilkison said. "Generations of police families have protected San Antonio and continue to pay a great price for simply doing their jobs."

“We call on San Antonio leaders at all levels to watch this video, look deep inside themselves, and help us stop the political attacks against the police,” he said.

Rocky Rios

Rocky Riojas


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