New CLEAT Partnership Teaches Officers "How to Win!"

“Survival is just the beginning...we train you to WIN!”, is the theme of a new partnership with Dave Smith and Associates (DSA). Dave and Betsy Smith are internationally known law enforcement experts and instructors. Dave Smith, known for the “JD Buck Savage” video training series, his work as the director of education for the Law Enforcement Television Network [LETN], and as the general manager and senior instructor for Calibre Press and the “Street Survival” seminar, has been teaching his signature class, “The Winning Mind”, internationally since 1987.

With the Praetorian Group’s sale of Calibre Press, Smith will no longer be teaching the “Street Survival” seminar and will be focusing on expanding the “Winning Mind” series. “We’re training people to win and winning goes beyond gunfights and confrontations,” says Smith. “We want you to win the entire event. We want you to get home, be able to keep the home, and be emotionally healthy in your home.”

Smith’s wife Betsy Brantner Smith is also a veteran police trainer, former “Street Survival” instructor and a prolific author. She is the creator of the only training of its kind for women in law enforcement, “The Winning Mind for Women” and has been invited into hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the country to speak on the science of “gender intelligence” and its relationship to officer safety, leadership skills, tactical training and much more.

CLEAT will bring both “The Winning Mind” and “The Winning Mind for Women” to Texas officers and CLEAT members. Under the exclusive agreement, CLEAT will be the only statewide association authorized to provide this unique and necessary training. CLEAT will partner with DSA on their Texas classes and also offer at least 4 custom classes during the training year.

Check the CLEAT Training Calendar for additional information on dates, times, and how to register for these classes.

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