Socorro Police Officers Association Elects New President

Newly Elected Socorro President, Bobby Correa

The Socorro POA held elections for their Executive Board this month. Past President Refugio Orta, who decided not to run for the office, said, "Helping this group get organized and running was one of the most rewarding things I ever did. Once CLEAT came on board and helped us, it was a great merger as we never had any assistance from TMPA who we were part of before joining CLEAT. I know that I am leaving the POA in good hands with the new board, and I know CLEAT will be there to help them." Newly elected President Bobby Correa said, "I want to carry on what we have been doing and want to expand our relationship out to the community and city leaders even more. We have a great bunch of officers here in Socorro and I know that we will accomplish whatever it is we undertake." The new board will serve two years and they are; Vice-President James Purdue, Secretary Ismael Delgado, 2nd Secretary Corina Verdein, Treasurer Johnny Harrelson, and Sgt. at Arms Elijah Silas.

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