Video: An injured sheriff's deputy is grateful CLEAT never gave up

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Texas — After James VanDevender suffered a debilitating on-the-job injury, he was faced with the prospect of losing his job — and his salary.

VanDevender, a third-generation Texas lawman, was a deputy in the Jefferson County Sheriff's Officer at the time. Desperate, he turned to CLEAT for help.That was in 2000, and his case was handled by CLEAT Staff Attorney Richard Aman.

Richard Aman

Richard Aman

The accident, VanDevender recalled, "changed my whole life." He and Aman would be locked in a bitter battle that lasted eight years and went all the way to the Texas Supreme Court. But, in the end the won.

And VanDevender wants credits CLEAT and Aman not only for fighting for him, but for lifting his spirits when it looked like all hope was lost.

Sadly, Aman suffered a fatal heart attack not long after the landmark court decision he won for VanDevender. And VanDevender will never forget the dedication his lawyer demonstrated, and he wants every Texas law enforcement officer to know that "CLEAT never gave up on me. If you need somebody to help you, CLEAT is the way to go."

Watch Vandevender tell his story by clicking on the video below.

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