CLEAT, campus officers visit lawmakers to discuss pension disparity

jose menedez

Campus officers meet with Sen. Jose Menendez.

CLEAT lobbyist and training coordinator Chris Jones led a group of university and school district peace officers on a tour of the Capitol this week urging lawmakers to support legislation to correct the disparity between various pensions received by these officers.

State Rep. Roberto Alonzo of Dallas is carrying House Bill 1821 and Sen. Jose Menendez of San Antonio recently filed SB 2005, which would fix the imbalance. The bills are identical.

Meeting with Pension Committee Chairman Dan Flynn.

Meeting with House Pension Committee Chairman Dan Flynn.

Alonzo's bill is awaiting consideration in the House Pensions Committee chaired by Rep. Dan Flynn of Van. Menendez's bill has not yet been assigned to a committee.

Jones and the officers also met with Rep. Rodney Anderson who has filed HB 2933,  which also addresses campus officers' pension.

The officers attended the Senate session and were recognized by Sen. Menendez from the floor. In addition they met with members of Flynn's committee, before attending the House Pension committee hearing.

CLEAT has been working on behalf of school district and university peace officers, as well as other state officers to correct the disparity that exists within their pension system.

Meeting with Rep. Rodney Anderson

Meeting with Rep. Rodney Anderson

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