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11-20-2018 - 22:45:12

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Track: General Law Enforcement Bills   

HB 152   Minjarez, Ina Relating to the collection, storage, and analysis of sexual assault evidence and evidence of other sex offenses.
Bill History: 11-12-18 H Filed

HB 338   Shine, Hugh Relating to the designation of a portion of Interstate Highway 35 as the Trooper Tom Nipper Memorial Highway.
Bill History: 11-13-18 H Filed

HB 354   Herrero, Abel Relating to exemption of certain firefighters and police officers from jury service.
Bill History: 11-14-18 H Filed

HB 381   Holland, Justin Relating to eligibility for the Texas Peace Officers' Memorial Monument.
Bill History: 11-16-18 H Filed

SB 59   Zaffirini, Judith Relating to certain images captured by an unmanned aircraft.
Bill History: 11-12-18 S Filed

SB 78   Hall, Bob Relating to the use of automatic license plate readers by a law enforcement agency or municipal parking enforcement authority.
Bill History: 11-12-18 S Filed

SB 166   Rodriguez, Jose Relating to the inquiry of immigration status of a person under a lawful detention by certain persons under the direction or control of a local governmental entity or campus police department.
Bill History: 11-12-18 S Filed

SB 167   Rodriguez, Jose Relating to the enforcement by certain local governmental entities and campus police departments of state and federal laws governing immigration.
Bill History: 11-12-18 S Filed

SB 168   Rodriguez, Jose Relating to the removal from office of a public officer of a political subdivision for policies or actions regarding immigration enforcement.
Bill History: 11-12-18 S Filed

SB 174   Perry, Charles Relating to certain duties of a sheriff regarding a county jail prisoner's health benefits coverage information.
Bill History: 11-13-18 S Filed

SB 201   Huffman, Joan Relating to increasing the criminal penalties for certain offenses committed in a disaster area or evacuated area.
Bill History: 11-16-18 S Filed

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