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Charley's Blog: Dog-whistle language of politics excites police haters

By Charley Wilkison Executive Director If someone yells “gun” in a theater they shouldn’t then be the one calling for calm. The red hot rhetoric aimed against public workers, police officer benefits and government in general is coming home to roost. And the anger in the street has been turned toward those who are most…
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Charley's Blog: When we say CLEAT, what we really mean is ‘the best’

By Charley Wilkison CLEAT Executive Director “Bringing CLEAT closer to you” has been our goal as CLEAT hosts training classes across the State, spends months at the negotiating table to get the best contract possible, and sends the best attorneys in Texas to the scenes of critical incidents in the late hours of the night.…
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Right on crime? Smart on crime? Nope, just soft on crime

By Charley Wilkison CLEAT Executive Director After years of being marginalized as the nutcase enemies of the police, the far left and far right are now converging with a brand-new scheme. Across the country comes the various “Right on Crime” and “Smart on Crime” initiatives that have at their core a sweeping plan to neuter…
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