Executive Board

CLEAT is led by officers elected by the members of CLEAT. All members may vote and seek elected office within the organization. Our elected leaders demonstrate the vision, energy and determination of CLEAT and its founders.


Sergeant Todd Harrison
Austin PD



Vice President
Dean Gilliam
Fort Worth



Vice President
Juan Contreras
Bexar County



Vice President
Officer Ervey Banda
San Antonio PD



Regional Directors

Austin Police Association
Dawn Hanson




Deputy Sheriffs Association of Bexar County
Jeremy Payne




El Paso Municipal Police Officers Association
Ron Martin




Fort Worth Police Officers Association
Lloyd Cook




San Antonio Police Officers Association
Daniel Earnest



Harris County Sheriff's Officers Association

Francene Blunt



Region 1
JP Mason



Region 2
Kirk Massey



Region 3
Greg Shipley
Corpus Christi



Region 4
Marvin Ryals
El Paso County



Region 5
Norm Fisher



Region 6
Forrest Gandy
La Marque



Region 7
Ed Martin



Region 8

Ken Reeves



Region 9
Brady Sipes