Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who is eligible to join the CLEAT Retiree Association?

Answer: All honorably retired Texas Peace Officers, regardless of prior CLEAT membership

Q: I am retired from a Texas agency and have relocated to another state. Am I eligible to join?

A: No. Our licenses and benefits are not available outside the State of Texas.

Q: I am retired but working part-time with my former department or another law enforcement agency. Am I eligible for CRA?

A: No. If you are employed at any capacity by a department that refers to your position as a peace officer, and requires that you hold TCOLE credentials, you will need full CLEAT membership.

Q: Are civilians who retired from a law enforcement agency eligible for CRA?

A: In many cases, yes. Providing that those civilians retired from a law enforcement agency and were required to hold a TCOLE license, they are eligible for CRA. This would include but not be limited to dispatchers and detention officers.

If your question is not addressed, call Membership, 512-495-9111.