Brownsville Patrol: The Fight Continues

On December 20,2016, our union members in the Brownsville Patrol division met peacefully to gather on their time off to express the negative outcomes that affect the public, their families and extra duty jobs with the 5:8 work week.

Since then, the Brownsville Patrol Officers continue to fight for the public's interest with a return to the compressed work week despite false allegations from Brownsville Chief of Police, Orlando Rodriguez and Internal Affairs.

"Watch this video and share it with everyone. Our members are being harassed in the workplace because of their local union affiliation with the Brownsville Police Officers Association, " said CLEAT President Todd Harrison. 

I believe the Police Chief is guilty of union busting, which is illegal. CLEAT will continue to file grievances, lawsuits, and fight for our members.

Todd Harrison, CLEAT President

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