CLEAT Christmas Giveaway!

Entries must be submitted by December 23, 2019
for your chance to WIN!

2 Members will win their choice
of the following prizes:

• $1500 Cash
• AR-15
• On and off duty Glock handgun combo
• Trip to Las Vegas for 2

Giveaway rules: 

1. Must be a CLEAT member to enter.
2. Update your member information below.

3. Must use a PERSONAL email address. (Governmental emails will NOT be accepted)

(In light of recent opinions and legislation regarding access to information via open records requests, we are very concerned about protecting you when you contact our staff, especially in legal cases. We highly recommend that you avoid using your governmental e-mail address when communicating with us. We ask that you update your CLEAT account with a personal e-mail address for us to contact you.)

Enter the giveaway!

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