NAPO Joins with CLEAT in Opposing the Parole of 1976 Waco Cop Killer

In June 1976, Sgt. Barrett attempted to arrest Thelette Brandon for stabbing a man to death at a Waco Bus Station. Brandon resisted arrest, stabbed the officer and gained control of his service weapon which he then used to shoot Sgt. Barrett.

"Sgt. Barrett dedicated his life to serving the community," CLEAT said in its letter. "The horror of the murder of Sgt. Barrett would be compounded by the release of Thelette Brandon. Brandon has clearly demonstrated he has no respect for the criminal justice system or the law enforcement officers who protect the public."

It's a slap in the face to Texas Law Enforcement to even consider parole of a violent criminal such as Thelette Brandon.

See the full opposition here: Theltte Brandon Parole Opposition


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