Day 2: The Facts Surrounding the Public Safety Crisis in Dallas

George Aranda
President, Dallas NLLEO - CLEAT

DALLAS, Texas —The public safety crisis occurring in the City of Dallas demands immediate action. Last week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott responded to reports of the enormous crime spike by announcing the deployment of state officers to the City, which is currently experiencing severe underemployment in the police department.

The astounding figure of 40 homicides in the month of May has been widely publicized. However, figures from NIBRS also show that the city has experienced a 23% increase in homicides, a 17% increase in aggravated assaults, and a 21% increase in robberies since May 2018.

“This issue is a direct result of the City’s current leadership,” Sgt. George Aranda, Dallas CLEAT-NLLEO President said. “Chief Hall is unable to lead this department, and because of that the safety of Dallas citizens is at risk.”

Chief Hall still has the support of Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax and her position ultimately falls under his purview.

“We can only hope that the new mayor will understand the severity of the issue and take the necessary steps to address this problem, and quickly,” Aranda said.

Mayor-elect Eric Johnson assumes his new role this month.


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Day 2: The Facts Surrounding the Public Safety Crisis in Dallas (News Release)

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