Huge victory in Midland


CLEAT Staff Attorney Terry Boone has been working on the hours worked and overtime issue that the officers were subjected to by the City of Midland. Yesterday afternoon Terry Boone received a call from the City of Midland. City Attorney John Ohenmilier stated that the City of Midland will be paying officers who meet at least the minimum requirements as established in the Fair Labor Standard Act and the better benefit contained in Texas Local Government Code 142.0015.

Officers will be receiving retroactive pay since the change occurred in computing overtime from 86 hours to the previous 80 hours for a two week work period.

CLEAT Field Representative Tracy Chance and Staff Attorney Terry Boone have been gathering evidence through the use of the Public Information Act and from individual officers over the last two days in preparation of civil litigation if it would be needed to resolve this issue.

CLEAT would like to thank the Midland Municipal Police Officers Association board and individual members for their assistance in addressing this issue. CLEAT will continue to monitor the City of Midland’s ability to accurately compensate their officers and that any payroll issues involving the City’s computer program will be resolved.

Stay safe,

Sgt. Todd Harrison
Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas

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