'I'm so impressed with CLEAT — it's almost indescribable'

Sarah Petersen and Nadia Stewart

Sarah Petersen and Nadia Stewart

Sarah Petersen, a police officer from the small Burnet County town of Cottonwood Shores, was at recent CLEAT-sponsored training event when she struck up a conversation with Training Coordinator Chris Jones about a workplace issue she was having.

Jones advised her to contact CLEAT Staff Attorney Nadia Stewart, who was on her first day back at the office after maternity leave. And she was quick to give the officer, and CLEAT member, the help she needed.

"Nadia is fantastic. I'm so impressed with CLEAT — it's almost indescribable," Officer Petersen said in a message to CLEAT." Very few times in my life I have ever felt protected or secure. But CLEAT’s response to me has been honestly more than I could imagine.

"Between you and Nadia," she added, "CLEAT has my loyal support and I will do nothing but recommend CLEAT to everyone."

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