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CLEAT stands up for Laredo officers as inquiry proceeds

October 21, 2014 • Around the State

From left: LPOA President Luis Dovalina, Charley Wilkison, Melinda Griffith and CLEAT Board Member Mark Guerra.

From left: LPOA President Luis Dovalina, Charley Wilkison, Melinda Griffith and CLEAT Board Member Mark Guerra.

LAREDO — While some police critics are rushing to judgment over a recent deadly force incident involving Laredo Police, CLEAT Executive Director Charley Wilkison urged the City Council and the critics to allow the investigation to run its course before making premature decisions and adding to the heated rhetoric.

Wilkison, Board Member Mark Guerra and CLEAT Public Affairs Coordinator Melinda Griffith joined Laredo Police Officers Association President  Luis Dovalina at the council meeting Monday evening.

Several people used the meeting to make inflammatory remarks based on incomplete or inaccurate information surrounding the incident. Continue Reading »

Right on crime? Smart on crime? Nope, just soft on crime

October 13, 2014 • Charley's Blog

By Charley Wilkison
CLEAT Executive Director

Charley's Blog mugAfter years of being marginalized as the nutcase enemies of the police, the far left and far right are now converging with a brand-new scheme.

Across the country comes the various “Right on Crime” and “Smart on Crime” initiatives that have at their core a sweeping plan to neuter law enforcement.

After failing at successfully bringing for-profit prisons and jails to the mainstream, the same crowd now aims to tear down the structure and bring your arrest powers, the number of police, the equipment you use, your job and your pension all down in one fell swoop. For the full column, click here.

From the President’s Desk: TMPA’s spa-day makeover delivers only confusion

October 7, 2014 • Around the State

By Todd Harrison
CLEAT President

toddRemember about a year ago when the Texas Municipal Police Association announced with so much chest-beating that it was going to “unite” all of the law enforcement labor groups?

They called their new baby the Texas Law Enforcement Council, or TLEC for short. But truth be told, it was a vehicle to remake their image as an organization that will do or say anything to gain attention. TLEC is run by TMPA, check the charter.

But all that happy talk about “unity” was soon drowned out by a thundering stampede of mixed messages, false starts and turf wars. And some of it happened in the high-profile Republican primary for Texas Attorney General. Continue Reading »