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‘I’m so impressed with CLEAT — it’s almost indescribable’

November 23, 2015 • Law Review

Sarah Petersen and Nadia Stewart

Sarah Petersen and Nadia Stewart

Sarah Petersen, a police officer from the small Burnet County town of Cottonwood Shores, was at recent CLEAT-sponsored training event when she struck up a conversation with Training Coordinator Chris Jones about a workplace issue she was having.

Jones advised her to contact CLEAT Staff Attorney Nadia Stewart, who was on her first day back at the office after maternity leave. And she was quick to give the officer, and CLEAT member, the help she needed.

“Nadia is fantastic. I’m so impressed with CLEAT — it’s almost indescribable,” Officer Petersen said in a message to CLEAT.” Very few times in my life I have ever felt protected or secure. But CLEAT’s response to me has been honestly more than I could imagine. Continue Reading »

Corpus Christi City Council express full support for its police

November 18, 2015 • Around the State

Scott Leeton

Scott Leeton

Nearly every political subdivision likes to profess its support for law enforcement, but the Corpus Christi City Council has made it official.

On Nov. 17, councilmembers unanimously adopted a resolution that proclaimed their support for Law Enforcement and the Corpus Christi Police Department.

“The City Council felt it was important to take a stand for their police department in light of what is going on across the nation right now,” said Scott Leeton, President of the Corpus Christi Police Officers Association.

“The idea of the resolution was brought forth by CCPOA to the City Council and city staff drafted the resolution that passed resoundingly and brought a standing ovation from the audience attending the city council meeting.” Continue Reading »

CLEAT helps Silsbee police officer whose house flooded

November 16, 2015 • Around the State

ed martin with silsbee

After Silsbee Police Officer Josh DeVille’s house was flooded in last month’s storms, DeVille and his family got a visit from CLEAT.

Regional Director Ed Martin stepped up with a donation from his discretionary funds to help DeVille get through this troubling time.

In the photo above, Martin, left, sits down with Silsbee Police Officers Association President Brandon Rogers, Officer DeVille and SPOA Vice President Justin Holt.