CLEAT provides legal representation, lobbying and legislative representation, local political action, collective bargaining and negotiations support and a range of related field services.

Supporting you through strength, justice and unity.

With more than 27,000+ members across the state, CLEAT is the largest police officers’ union in Texas, the largest legal services provider in Texas specializing in representing law enforcement officers, and the largest alliance of local police officers’ associations in Texas. More importantly, we possess the world-class experience, resources and the will to bring STRENGTH, JUSTICE and UNITY to everything from local contract negotiations to critical incidents.

Legal Services

CLEAT was the first and only law enforcement organization in Texas to hire attorneys full time to work exclusively for our members. When our members need help, we don’t want them to go to the back of the line waiting for an attorney to bail out a crack dealer or finish up a divorce case. We know you need us now or you wouldn’t have called. Our attorneys personally go to the site of shootings, when they occur and represent our members when they need us—not the next day or whenever they can get around to it.

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Member Services

CLEAT was the first law enforcement organization to negotiate collective bargaining contracts in Texas. We have the highest qualified staff of full-time negotiators and some of our employment contracts are recognized as the best in Texas and some of the best in the nation.

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CLEAT offers training to assist officers in critical incidents, workplace ethics, and officer rights. It’s our honor and privilege to have educated thousands of our members.

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Public Affairs

CLEAT believes the next session of the state legislature begins as soon as the last one ends. Our focus on growing local PAC’s and campaigning to elect our friends in the Legislature as well as remove those who are your enemies makes this part of the Public Affairs assignment a full-time operation.

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Retiree Services

A CLEAT Membership doesn’t have to end when you retire. The CLEAT Retiree Association is available to all honorably retired Texas Peace Officers, jailers, and honorably retired civilian law enforcement employees who held a TCOLE license while working.

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