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Who is eligible to join CLEAT?

To become a CLEAT member, you must be in any of the categories listed below:

  • A Licensed Texas Peace Officer, including:
    • Police officers or marshals employed by a municipality
    • Deputy sheriffs or constables
    • Peace officers employed by the state, DPS, TABC, TPW, AG, TCOLE or TDCJ
    • Police officers employed by a public or private institution of higher education
    • Police officers employed by a school district
    • Peace officers employed by other political subdivisions, including transit police officers, water district or authority police officers, district attorney investigators, arson investigators, or fire marshals
    • Reserve peace officers
  • Retired Texas Peace Officers currently living in Texas
  • Full-time Correction Officers, Detention Officers, or County Jailers employed by a political subdivision of the state
  • CPS Special Investigators and Police Liaison personnel
  • Other full-time public safety employees approved by the CLEAT board of directors, including:
    • Dispatchers, or other civilian law enforcement support personnel employed by a law enforcement agency administered by a Police Chief or Elected Official
    • Juvenile and Adult Probation Officers
    • Federal Law Enforcement Officers stationed in Texas
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Membership dues are $30 per month for active members and $14.50 per month for retired members.

A variety of payment options are available, including online payment via PayPal, electronic fund transfer from a checking or savings account, credit card, check or money order. In addition, many of our local affiliates offer payroll deduction as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can call 512-495-9111 to speak to a Membership Specialist or click the “Sign Up” button on the page above.

If you are in any of the categories listed above in the “Who is Eligible” section at the top of the page, you are eligible for membership. If you are not listed in those categories, there are still ways you can be involved. Click on the Contact button at the top of your screen to reach out to us and find out about more opportunities available to you.

Membership dues are $30 per month for active members and $14.50 per month for retired members. Payment options are: – PayPal – Credit card – Check – Money order – Electronic fund transfer from a checking or savings account – Automatic payroll deduction (for certain local affiliates)

We provide a wide range of services for our members, including legal and negotiation services, free training, family assistance, exclusive member discounts, gear, and much more. You can see a more detailed list of membership benefits by clicking on the Benefits button at the top of the page, or by contacting our membership team at 512-495-9111.

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If you would like to join CLEAT and are having a hard time signing up online... Call a Membership Specialist!

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