About Us



To Ensure That Our Members’ Rights and Interests are Protected by Providing Exceptional Legal Representation, Legislative and Political Power, Assistance in Labor Negotiations, and Leadership or Association Development.

Why We’re Here

As a law enforcement professional your job is difficult, dangerous and often violent. You need someone in your corner standing up for you and fighting to protect you, your job and your family’s income. CLEAT is the best, largest, and most respected organization fighting for Texas’ finest.

Our mission is to ensure that you, as a CLEAT member, receive the professional respect, employment rights, and legal protections you deserve.

After all, your role in enforcing the laws and protecting the lives and property of citizens is the most important, fundamental job in Texas.

CLEAT has a rich history of relentlessly fighting to ensure that all Texas law enforcement professionals:

  • Realize the full extent of your legal, political and employment rights,
  • Work under conditions that permit the job to be done safely and effectively, and
  • Earn fair compensation for the critically important work that you do and the sacrifices made daily by your family

CLEAT provides legal representation, lobbying and legislative representation, local political action, collective bargaining and negotiations support and a range of related field services. With more than 24,000+ members across the state, CLEAT is the largest police officers’ union in Texas, the largest legal services provider in Texas specializing in representing law enforcement officers, and the largest alliance of local police officers’ associations in Texas. More importantly, we possess the world-class experience, resources and the will to bring STRENGTH, JUSTICE and UNITY to everything from local contract negotiations to critical incidents.

A Cursory Look at CLEAT

The largest law enforcement officers’ union in Texas, the state’s largest legal services provider specializing in representing law enforcement officers, the largest, most experienced and effective team of collective bargaining experts, and

Primary services: legal representation, political action, collective bargaining and negotiating support

  • $15,000 line of duty death benefit
  • Founded in 1976 by 400 visionary police officers from all over Texas.
  • More than 24,000+ members, and nearly 100 affiliates across Texas
  • The CLEAT State Headquarters is located in Austin, with regional offices in Arlington, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Fort Worth, Harlingen, Houston, Mesquite, San Antonio
  • Professional staff of over 40 dedicated employees, a legal staff of 20 including 16 lawyers, 10 field service representatives, and three full-time registered lobbyists.
  • CLEAT finances are protected by an elected Finance Committee, full-time finance and membership staff with external independent audits throughout the year. Our books are always open to members.
  • Governance: President/Board of Directors elected by membership.
  • Founder of the Peace Officers’ Memorial Foundation (POMF).

Members include city police, deputy sheriffs and corrections officers, state law enforcement officers and federal officers who are assigned in Texas.

CLEAT Divisions are:



Field Services

  • Local Collective Bargaining Negotiation
  • Recruiting
  • Training

Legal Services

  • Legal Representation to individuals & affiliated local unions

Public Affairs

  • Communication
  • Legislative
  • Political Action
  • Special Projects

Peace Officer Memorial Foundation, all divisions and all employees volunteer for this charitable foundation that benefits the families of fallen officers.