Public Affairs


CLEAT’s Public Affairs Division from left to right: Chris Jones, Melinda Smith and Charley Wilkison

If law enforcement officers ever have a reason to think about CLEAT Public Affairs they would naturally think about the successful political battles involving the state legislature or commercials developed for local political battles across the state.

CLEAT was the first to advocate full time in the state legislature and have a proud record of over 40 years of accomplishments. We lobby the state Legislature and you can read all about our most recent legislative agenda or legislative highlights from years past. CLEAT believes the next session of the state legislature begins as soon as the last one ends. Our focus on growing local PAC’s and campaigning to elect our friends in the Legislature as well as remove those who are your enemies makes this part of the Public Affairs assignment a full-time operation.

And while it’s true that other divisions like Legal or Field Services often call on Public Affairs to inflict pain on the enemies of Texas law enforcement – that’s not our only job either.

The Public Affairs Division also serves as the official spokesperson for CLEAT in the media. By helping to plan the annual convention, planning memorial services and raising funds with our charitable sister organization, the Peace Officer Memorial Foundation, as well as assisting in the annual training academies we help other divisions of CLEAT with the public face of our organization.

We develop all publications and maintain the website, Facebook pages and assist locals in communication with local members. We work with other divisions to develop political messaging, build creative media to help win collective bargaining, civil service, pay raise or manpower elections and change the image of local unions with local voters and opinion leaders.

Whether its polling statewide or locally, whether it’s helping associations to become more politically assertive, or helping build local Political Action Committees, CLEAT Public Affairs fights hard to be the rapid response team.