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To ensure that our members’ rights and interests are protected by providing exceptional legal representation, legislative and political power, assistance in labor negotiations, and leadership or association development.

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CLEAT provides exceptional legal coverage, political representation, collective bargaining, negotiation support, and much more.

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Having CLEAT by your side and taking a portion of the load off your mind is priceless. My family, friends and I endured a five-day trial with a cost that you could buy a house with. The sense of relief when the verdict came back as not guilty on all counts was more than I can describe… CLEAT continued as they immediately had my license reinstated so that I could get back to work. I have taught most of my career and tell every new and seasoned officer that you can not be in this profession without CLEAT on your team.

Constable Kelly Smith

Wood County Constable Pct 2

Thank you for the support even though it wasn't a critical incident. It means a lot knowing that there is compassion and willingness to help when a previous organization made you feel like a waste of their time! Both attorneys I've talked to with CLEAT have made me feel welcomed as a member.

Officer Brian Shults

Double Oak Police Department


Within minutes of me being shot, CLEAT had mobilized. There was a representative on the scene helping all of us out within an hour. From the beginning, they were looking out for me from every angle. When I was in the academy, I didn't really know much about CLEAT or why I needed a union working for San Marcos, but I can't tell you how glad I am that I signed up that day.

Officer Justin Mueller

San Marcos Police Department

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In 2014, the Temple Police Association was formed with the guidance and advice of CLEAT to improve various issues members were having within the police department. CLEAT was instrumental in organizing the TPA by creating by-laws and a constitution to get our association started. Within a year, CLEAT began helping and educating us about Meet & Confer and represented us at City Council. Meet & Confer was adopted, and CLEAT has gone to the table with us to successfully negotiate agreements that have resulted in better benefits and pay raises of more than 30% from where we were before Meet & Confer. CLEAT definitely "has our six.”

Sgt. Larry Wilkey

Past President, Temple Police Association


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