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Membership in CLEAT is open to:

  • Licensed Texas peace officers, including:
    • Police officers or marshals employed by a municipality
    • Deputy sheriff’s or constables
    • Peace officers employed by the state, including those officers employed by DPS, TABC, TPW, AG, TCOLE or TDCJ.
    • Police officers employed by a public or private institution of higher education
    • Police officers employed by a school district
    • Peace officers employed by other political subdivisions, including, transit police officers, or water district or authority police officers, district attorney investigators, arson investigators, or fire marshals.
    • Reserve peace officers
  • Full-time correction officers, detention officers, or county jailers employed by a political subdivision of the state
  • CPS Special investigators and Police Liaison personnel
  • Other full time public safety employees approved by the CLEAT board of directors, including
    • Dispatchers, or other civilian law enforcement support personnel employed by a law enforcement agency administered by a Police Chief or Elected Official.
    • Juvenile and Adult Probation Officers
    • Federal Law Enforcement Officers stationed in Texas

Membership dues are $30 per month. A variety of payment options are available, including online payment via PayPal, electronic fund transfer from a checking or savings account, credit card, check or money order. In addition, many of our local affiliates offer payroll deduction as well.

To become a member, you can:

  • Join online
  • Request a Membership Packet , or
  • Download an application (PDF format)

Mailed applications should be sent to:

CLEAT Administrative Office
400 West 14th Street, Suite 100
Austin, Texas 78701

Also, if you are a member of an affiliated local association you may contact your association for an application.

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