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Victory for El Paso County!

February 10, 2020 El Paso, TX Sgt. Rick Aguilar (left) and Pete Faraone. When two members of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Officers’ Association were facing financial hardship due to catastrophic illness, they turned to the county sick leave pool for help.  Even though the pool had over 60,000 hours available, the employees could not…
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CLEAT Christmas Giveaway!

Entries must be submitted by December 23, 2019 for your chance to WIN! 2 Members will win their choice of the following prizes: • $1500 Cash • AR-15 • On and off duty Glock handgun combo • Trip to Las Vegas for 2 Giveaway rules:  1. Must be a CLEAT member to enter. 2. Update…
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The Governor’s Eight Executive Orders: What they mean for Law Enforcement and Fusion Centers

Jennifer Szimanski
CLEAT Public Affairs Coordinator

On September 5, 2019, Governor Abbott released his executive orders relating to the prevention of mass attacks.  I recently worked in a fusion center as a sworn peace officer and was entrenched in the process of networking, gathering, vetting and sharing information in a timely manner.  In large part, a fusion center’s mission is exactly what the Governor is attempting to accomplish; halt, derail, intervene in a mass casualty attack.

The first couple of orders relate directly to fusion centers which were created in our country after 9/11.  The intent was to create an environment in which local law enforcement agencies could report information to a regional information gathering center.  The center would then analyze, vet, and share information with other local, State, and Federal agencies.

Why are we focusing on Best Practices for local unions?

By:  Charley Wilkison CLEAT Executive Director Striking a balance between the guiding principles of your union and providing real services to your members sometimes seems difficult. However, if we simply hold to the premise that it’s the union member who comes first, who’s trust we cannot ever violate, then everything becomes about building a better…
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Why Recent Changes To The Texas Public Information Act Should Have All Officers Refusing To Use Their Own Personal Electronic Devices For Work (REVISED and EXTENDED)

CLEAT’s General Counsel discusses and answers more questions regarding the implementation of SB 944 and the liability officers face when using their personal electronic devices at work. By: Robert Leonard CLEAT General Counsel Recently we have received several inquiries from officers regarding the newly passed SB 944. What is SB 944? SB 944 added several…
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Good CLEAT bills that became Law in 2019

If you hadn’t realized yet, we were in the battle of our lives this session over a number of major issues that would have impacted your lives.  Please take the time to read the Legislative Wrap-Up article for 2019. Despite the negative climate, we were successful in passing a number of great bills for law…
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Day 2: The Facts Surrounding the Public Safety Crisis in Dallas

Contact: George Aranda President, Dallas NLLEO - CLEAT DALLAS, Texas —The public safety crisis occurring in the City of Dallas demands immediate action. Last week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott responded to reports of the enormous crime spike by announcing the deployment of state officers to the City, which is currently experiencing severe underemployment in the…
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