CLEAT President Calls for the removal of Dallas Co. District Attorney

For Immediate Release

April, 17, 2019 
George Aranda, President, Dallas NLLEO-CLEAT;
Todd Harrison, President, Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, CLEAT

DALLAS -The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, CLEAT is calling for the removal of Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot from his newly elected position after he announced he will not prosecute certain crimes.

“While he has announced the retrial of a police officer because he didn’t like the result of a jury trial verdict DA John Creuzot has declared he will not follow the law and prosecute certain crimes,” said Sgt Todd Harrison, President of the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, or CLEAT, “That’s unacceptable and he should be removed from office.”

“When he was campaigning for the office we don’t remember not prosecuting crime as part of his platform,” said Harrison.

“I don’t think he understands that Dallas Police Officers are sworn to uphold the law. Officers are lawfully bound to answer the calls of citizens and business owners who have suffered a loss. The officers have no choice. Under this scenario we’d have officers risking their lives, enforcing the law, making arrests and protecting Dallas families and businesses only to have a giant double standard applied to their actions,” said Harrison, an Austin Police Sergeant and 31 year law enforcement veteran.

“Will the Dallas Chief of Police issue a directive that her officers will no longer answer the calls of citizens who are reporting a theft of under $750? Will the officers no longer be responsible for writing these reports? Can a Dallas Police Officer be investigated  because of an Internal Affairs complaint for refusal to take a statement of a theft of a certain dollar amount? Will the Chief refuse to discipline or terminate an officer who doesn’t make the arrest on one of these cases?”

“It is with great disappointment that DA Creuzot has opened up many windows to allow the common criminal to feast on the business retail community not to mention your everyday stakeholder who will become victims of property theft. LEOs in Dallas County have taken an oath to uphold the law which includes to protect the property of those said citizens. This decision removes a basic crime fighting tool and handcuffs your everyday patrol officer,” said Sgt. George Aranda, President of the local union Dallas NLLEO-CLEAT, a 27 year veteran of the Dallas Police Department.


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