Line of Duty: COVID-19 Exposures

The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas represents the largest number of law enforcement and detention officers in the State of Texas.  Last week it became clear that a large portion of our membership has a high probability of being exposed to COVID-19 while on duty. Several officers have already tested positive.

A number of agencies have expressed concerns about the lack of PPE available to their officers and/or deputies. CLEAT alerted Governor Abbott of that fact this weekend.  Our intention is to remedy that issue as soon as possible.  We are also aware of a few officers who have already tested positive for COVID-19 and many more who are currently quarantined after coming into contact with an infected person while on duty.

Now CLEAT is asking the Texas Department of Insurance and the Workers Compensation Commission to further extend statutory presumptions to include COVID-19 as work-related for all first responders so that when they contract or test positive for COVID-19, it would be considered in the line of duty.


Click the images below to read the FWPOA Letter to Mayor Price: COVID 19 Exposure Concerns and CLEAT Press Release (COVID-19 Exposures):

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