Matt Rinaldi Still Lacks Endorsements From All Major Law Enforcement Groups, Rank and File Officers Across The State

Despite 3 endorsements from former officers, each of whom served with Rinaldi during his two terms in the legislature, Rinaldi remains an enemy of the rank and file law enforcement officers of the state.

“Rinaldi endangered the lives of every single police officer on the street by filing a bill to legalize resisting arrest,” said Sgt. Todd Harrison, CLEAT President.

“His claims of ‘backing the blue and standing with Law Enforcement’ are blatant lies. Rinaldi is not a friend to law enforcement, and CLEAT will never support a candidate with such flagrant disregard for officers and public safety.”

One of Rinaldi’s more despicable efforts to damage law enforcement came in the 84th Session. House Bill 1168 (2015), authored by Rinaldi, proposed a “defense to prosecution for the offense of resisting arrest, search, or transportation or the [offense] of escape…” See full bill, attached.

Rep. Matt Rinaldi (HD-115, Irving) announced endorsements from three former law enforcement officers, Representatives Phil King (HD-61, Weatherford), Mike Lang (HD-60, Granbury), and Former Representative Allen Fletcher (HD-130, Tomball) last week after an article from the Texas Observer laid out the consistently sour relationship between Rinaldi and law enforcement. The lack of support from officers contributes to the increasing uncertainty of Rinaldi’s hold on the seat following the November 6th election.

CLEAT has endorsed Julie Johnson, the Democratic candidate for HD-115.

Link to bill:


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